Webinar: Rights and obligations in Germany: Work contract, earnings, reference letters, prepare well for a a good start into your career


In order to prepare well for working in Germany, you need to know about your rights and obligations in the job. This helps you to estimate the quality of a job offer, prevents you from problems and unpleasant surprises and helps you to better negotiate with your potential employer. Examples of work contacts will illustrate the session. Furthermore you will learn about the importance of job references or “Arbeitszeugnisse” in Germany and how to evaluate them. Helpful tipps and material to start into your new job and your career will also be provided. I am looking forward to your questions!


  • Types and contents of work contracts in Germany
  • General rights and obligations when working in Germany
  • Salary: components, gross and net income
  • Job reference: structure and how to read them
  • How to prepare well for a good start into your career

Learning Objectives:

After the webinar, participants:

Goal 1: Participants know the contents of work contracts in Germany

Goal 2: Participants know their rights and obligations in labor law in Germany

Goal 3: Participants know the components of salary in Germany

Goal 4: Participants know about the importance of “Arbeitszeungisse” and reference letters and know how to read them

Goal 5: Participants get practical tips on how to start their career well

When: Wednesday, 03. november 2021, 09:45 a.m. – 04:45 p.m.

Instructor: Barbara Motschenbacher

At the beginning of my career I worked in HR for 3 years. This gave me a substantial basis on labor law and on how it is dealt with in practice. During my further career as a change management consultant my role was to help managers find the right employees and to deal with change in the organization. Therefore I have sound experience in both: the HR and the business perspective. I am looking forward to an interactive workshop with you. Please bring your questions.

Technical details: Webcam and microphone are necessary.

Further technical details: After successful registration, you will receive a StudOn-Mail with technical details one day before the webinar.

Online platform: Zoom

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