Webinar: Introduction to (online) nonverbal communication


This seminar is aimed at students planning to prepare themselves for presentation, meeting or interview situations in English, who would like to find out more about nonverbal communication (body language, facial expression, gestures, voice etc). The seminar will offer some background information on the role of nonverbal communication, and also focus on nonverbal communication when using Skype, Zoom etc. There will be examples and some practical exercises, in which students should be prepared to participate. This seminar will be held in English, but questions can also be formulated in German.

Learning Objectives

After the webinar, participants:

Learning Objective 1: understand the importance of nonverbal communication (with a focus on its role in online communication)

Learning Objective 2: are in a position to make a positive first impression in an interview / a Skype interview / Zoom meeting

Learning Objective 3: have increased awareness of what they are communicating by using various facial expressions, gestures and postures

Important notes: Webcams on please! We can’t work on non-verbal communication without them.

The webinar is broken up into an introduction to aspects of communication, then paraverbal communication (with exercises), eye contact and body language (with exercises). We will alternate between explanations, discussions and exercises, and there will be a 15-minute break in the middle.

When: Friday, 19. november 2021; 09:45 a.m. – 01:00 p.m

Instructor: Rona McGeoch

After having gained extensive experience in project management and having managed German-English teams, Rona McGeoch now is a lecturer at Hof University of Applied Sciences and an author at one of the leading educational publishers in Germany. She also works as a trainer, coach (negotiations, presentations, …) and consultant for soft skills (effective use of voice, communication training, …) at universities and companies since many years.

Technical details: Webcam and microphone are necessary.

Further technical details: After successful registration, you will receive a StudOn-Mail with technical details one day before the webinar.

Online platform: Zoom

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